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There has been much study about taking care of the body, to ensure that all the

internal functions work to the best of their ability.

At Cornerstone Clinic, we work with leading world experts from stem cells experts

to O-Zone therapy to help the body rejuvenate and heal. We combine treatments

like O-Zone therapy and IV drips alongside the TMR mat.

What is O-Zone Therapy

It is a therapy that is based on a combination of OXYGEN and OZONE. It is antibacterial, antioxidant, anti-ageing, it helps to oxygenates the tissues, and helps with microcirculation. It can be administered several ways, the most common would be through tiny injections, rectally or through IV infusion.

This therapy is used in many fields of medicine including aesthetics, vascular diseases, autoimmune diseases and much more.

What is TMR (Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance)?

TMR (Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance) is extremely popular treatment in countries such as Italy. It helps in orthopedic, vascular and degenerative pathologies. The technology has been created in Italy based on clinical and scientific research with the aim of demonstrating efficacy in the treatment of vascular diseases, microcirculatory disorders, orthopedics and degenerative pathologies, in the particular in the presence of chronic systemic diseases.

At Cornerstone, we use it for regenerative medicine:

  • Reduction in oxidative stress and free radicals
  • Reduction in local and systematic inflammation
  • Reactivation of microcirculation
  • Acceleration of cell regeneration processes
  • Degenerative and neurodegenerative diseases

How does TMR Work?

TMR has shown both biologically and clinically, a remarkable effectiveness in stimulation skin lesion repair processes, regardless of the originating lesion. It acts by reducing inflammatory processes and increasing the proliferation of repair cells. In the case of regeneration, it has shown a significant reduction in oxidative stress and free radicals, a reduction in local and systemic inflammation, the reactivation of microcirculation and vascular function, and the acceleration of cell repair and regeneration processes.

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