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Eyelid Bag Surgery Dubai | Blepharoplasty Dubai

Blepharoplasty surgery is an eyelid surgery that removes either the excess skin on the

upper eyelid or the bags from the lower eye or both. This surgery usually

takes place under sedation and takes around an hour.

With age, the upper eyelid can droop as the excess skin increases and can be uncomfortable. This is usually considered partially a medical condition as it can affect visual sites and can be usually described as ‘heavy’ eyelid which is need of a functional blepharoplasty. Female patients also discuss how it can be difficult to use eyeshadow in the right eyelid creases requiring cosmetic eyelid correction. A simple procedure is performed to remove the excess skin on the upper eyelid, creating more youthful contours around the eyes and making the face look fresher.

With the lower eye, as the years go by, the fat that was held back the muscle surrounding the eye gets weaker and weaker due to genetics and lifestyle. This results in larger and larger eye bags, which can make the face look permanently tired. In these cases a lower eyelid surgery is needed, were we remove the protruding fat and patients look less tired and fresher.


Where will The Surgery be Performed?

The upper eyelid surgery takes place as a day case in a hospital under sedation, which is not to be mistaken with general anaesthesia. The eyelid procedure will take place with intravenous sedation, where you will feel no pain, and you will sleep throughout the operation.  Our patients, after this procedure, will return home the same day, usually 3 – 4 hours post-surgery.


The Blepharoplasty Dubai Surgery

In the week prior to your surgery, we will advise you to declare all medications that is part of your routine, and we also advise you to stop taking medications containing asprin as these products affect the blood clotting mechanism leading to excessive bleeding.  We ask patients also to avoid taking high doses of Vitamin E, garlic and alcohol in the week leading up to the operation.

To help with the healing process, we ask patients to stop smoking two weeks prior to the surgery as well as post-surgery, as smoking restricts blood flow especially in the smaller capillaries and other vital blood vessels.  Good blood flow supports a better recovery process.


The Procedure

The surgery will take place in a day-care centre or hospital.  The operation will take between 45 mins to 1.5 hours dependent if you are doing upper and lower eye lids or both.


Upper Eyelid 

Blepharoplasty Dubai – During the surgery, the surgeon will make an incision along the crease of the upper eyelid and remove the excess skin.  Extremely fine stitches are then used to close the incisions and steri-strip plasters are added on top to protect them.  These strips remain for 3 days.

Lower Eyelid

For the lower eyelid surgery, the incision will be made just below the lash line. In some cases, just the excess skin is removed but with most cases, the small fatty deposits are also taken out. Again, similar with the upper eyelids, stitches are places and steri-strips are placed over the wound for three days.

Post-Operation Care

Patients remain in the clinic 3 – 4 hours post-surgery, and no driving is permitted for the first 48 hours after sedation. We encourage all patients to have a family member or friend accompany them home.

You will be provided with a prescription of medications and antibiotics, and we advise that you rest and sleep with your head elevated to help with bruising and swelling. It’s vital to continue to ice the eyes for the next 12 hours post-surgery.

The stitches will be removed by Cornerstone Clinic, Dubai Marina, Dubai’s team of nurses, after 3 days, depending on the healing process, and steri-strips are continued for a day or two after. Sunblock and sunglasses are advised to protect the sensitive eye area following the upper eyelid lift oRr lower eyelid surgery.


  • Infection
  • Reaction to Anaesthesia
  • Slight asymmetry in healing and scarring
  • Whiteheads may appear after stitch removal – Our surgeons can remove this.
  • Slightly blurred vision for the first few days
  • Bleeding
  • Temporary swelling at the corners of eyelids
  • Trouble closing eyes when sleeping
  • Rare complication of ectropion – pulling down of the lower lids.

Cornerstone Clinic, in Dubai Marina, Dubai, is here to answer any questions you may have. Should you wish to speak to Dr Maurizio Viel or any of our other surgeons during a consultation, please do not hesitate to email or call our clinic.

To book a consultation for blepharoplasty or for more information, contact us at +971 50 494 6377 and schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeon Dr Maurizio Viel.

Dr Maurizio Viel is a licensed plastic surgeon who obtained his medical degree at the University of Milan, Italy and finished his studies in aesthetic plastic surgery in London, UK. He has been a practising plastic surgeon for over 30 years, working between Harley Street, London, Dubai, and Milan.

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