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Tired, Stressed Or Generally Feeling Unwell Or Not Quite Yourself? Our Fusion Drips Might Be Just What You Need To Get Back On Track

We all know how important it is to take care of our health – to exercise, sleep, stay hydrated and eat well – but every now and then life throws a curve ball and stress, exhaustion and a low immune system take over. Whether you’re jet-lagged or have had one too many late nights, you’re suffering the effects of long covid or you want to make sure that your natural defences are in top condition when there’s a powerful virus around, sometimes you need a helping hand (or a shot in the arm) to get there.

This is where Fusion Drips come in – we’re talking a supercharged way of administering vitamins, amino acids, electrolytes and minerals directly into the bloodstream via IV infusion and one of the best ways to give your immune system a boost and get you back to feeling, and looking, the very best version of yourself. No longer reserved just for the A-List or jet-set crowd, Fusion Drips are becoming increasingly popular with anyone who feels like they need an energy hit and an instant increase in nutrients (pretty much all of us these days!).


Administered by our family doctor after a full health assessment and packed with hydration and multivitamins, we custom blend our Fusion Drips to suit your specific needs. And it’s not all about immune-boosting (although our special vitamin C, vitamin B and Zinc drip will do just that) – we also offer infusion solutions for everything from hormone-balancing to anti-hair loss – and special blends to suit men or women. Our IV drips target specific issues in a way that oral supplements and vitamins cannot, because while popping a pill might seem convenient, only a very low percentage of its nutrients will actually be absorbed – unlike with an IV infusion which bypasses the digestive system and gets straight to where it needs to.


When your skin lacks that glow, you need to get back on board with better quality sleep or you want a reset after a busy or stressful period, the Fusion Drips are the most perfect way to do it. Taking an average of 60 minutes to administer, simply sit back and relax in calm surroundings while the drip works its magic and then prepare to feel amazing in no time.


For more information, to discuss your personal needs or to book a consultation with our family doctor, Dr Badiani, please don’t hesitate to contact to contact us.