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The vascular system, a network of arteries, veins, and capillaries, plays a vital role in delivering oxygenated blood throughout the body and carrying away waste products. When vascular health is compromised, it can lead to various complications. Vascular surgery is a surgical specialty focused on treating problems with the blood vessels (vascular system) and lymphatic system.

Vascular Diagnostics

Accurate diagnosis is the cornerstone of effective treatment for vascular conditions. At Cornerstone Clinic, we utilise a variety of advanced diagnostic tools to precisely pinpoint the location and severity of vascular issues. Some of the most common diagnostic procedures include:

  • Eco-Doppler Ultrasounds: This non-invasive imaging technique uses sound waves to visualise blood flow within arteries and veins. Different types of Eco-Doppler ultrasounds provide detailed information about specific areas.
  • Venous Mapping: This advanced imaging technique involves injecting a contrast dye into a vein followed by X-ray imaging. This allows for detailed visualisation of the venous system, which is particularly helpful in assessing complex venous problems or planning treatment for varicose veins.


At Cornerstone Clinic, Dubai Marina, we treat a variety of conditions commonly affecting the leg veins and arteries:

  • Varicose Veins: These are twisted, enlarged veins that appear just beneath the skin surface. They can cause discomfort, aching, and a feeling of heaviness in the legs.
  • Spider Veins: These are smaller, red or blue thread-like veins that appear close to the skin surface. While typically not a medical concern, they can be a cosmetic concern for some individuals.
  • Venous Ulcers: These are open sores that develop on the legs due to poor circulation and increased pressure within the veins.
  • Venous Insufficiency: This condition occurs when the veins struggle to return blood effectively to the heart, leading to swelling, pain, and skin changes in the legs.
  • Arterial Ulcers: These are open sores that develop on the legs due to poor blood flow from narrowed or blocked arteries. They are typically more painful than venous ulcers and require prompt treatment to prevent infection and potential limb loss.
  • Diabetic Foot: Diabetes can significantly increase the risk of foot problems due to nerve damage and poor circulation. We offer comprehensive care for diabetic feet, including wound care and management of diabetic ulcers.


At Cornerstone Clinic, Dubai Marina, we offer a range of minimally invasive and surgical treatment options depending on the severity and location of the vascular condition, such as:

  • Micro Sclerotherapy
  • Foam Sclerotherapy
  • Laser Endovenous Ablation (LEA)
  • Phlebectomies
  • Varicose Vein Surgery


Cornerstone Clinic recognises the importance of offering the latest advancements in vascular treatment, such as:

  • Ozone Therapy: This innovative therapy involves using medical-grade ozone gas to stimulate healing and improve circulation. It can be a potential option for treating chronic wounds like diabetic foot ulcers or venous ulcers.
  • Advanced Anti-Aging Vascular Treatments: We offer treatments designed to improve overall vascular health and potentially slow down the aging process of the vascular system. These might include therapies that promote endothelial health (the inner lining of blood vessels) or improve circulation.


At Cornerstone Clinic, we are constantly exploring new frontiers in vascular treatment. We offer some promising new regenerative therapies:

  • TMR (Therapeutic Magnetic Resonance): This emerging technology uses low-dose pulsed electromagnetic fields to potentially stimulate tissue healing and improve circulation. TMR is being investigated for its role in treating peripheral artery disease and chronic wounds.

To book a vascular consultation or for more information, contact us at +971 50 494 6377 to schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeon, Dr Maurizio Viel.

Dr Vincenzo Di Donna is a specialist in vascular surgery and regenerative medicine who graduated in medicine and surgery at the II University of Naples, Italy. Dr Vincenzo always seeks innovative and non-invasive treatments for his patients and can integrate traditional medical therapies with new diagnostic and curative technologies.

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