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Tummy Tuck VS Mini Tummy Tuck in Dubai | Dr Maurizio Viel

Ever wanted a flat stomach, a stomach sculpted with no unwanted pockets of fat and loose skin? Our stomach is one of the most apparent areas that give our age and lifestyle away, and if we are unhappy with how ours looks, it can make us feel self-conscious. Changes in our physique through pregnancy, weight gain and weight loss, and even loose skin due to genetics can take their toll on our midsection. Diet and exercise do wonders for overall health, but sometimes, one needs help to get that toned, confident look. That is where tummy tuck surgery steps in.


Did you know that there could be options? Choosing between a tuck and a mini tummy tuck can be quite difficult. At Cornerstone Clinic, in Dubai Marina, we understand how overwhelming it can be to navigate the world of body contouring surgery. Let’s delve into the differences between these two procedures to help you decide, along with the qualified surgeon Dr Maurizio Viel, which one aligns best with your goals.



A full tummy tuck, also referred to as abdominoplasty, is a surgical procedure that targets both excess skin and weakened abdominal muscles. Here is a summary of the procedure, the benefits and considerations about the full tummy tuck surgery:


Procedure: In a tummy tuck procedure, the surgeon creates an incision along the abdomen, usually close to the bikini line. They then separate the skin from the underlying muscle and tissue. The abdominal muscles are then tightened using sutures. Any excess skin is removed, while the remaining skin is repositioned and to achieve the desired silhouette. The position of the belly button can also be adjusted for symmetry.


Benefits: A tummy tuck is recommended for individuals with loose skin, excess fat and stretched or separated abdominal muscles (diastasis recti). This procedure can significantly enhance the abdomen’s appearance, leading to a sculpted physique and improved core strength.


Considerations: The recovery process after a tummy tuck surgery is longer, usually lasting 4 to 6 weeks. It’s normal to experience swelling and discomfort during this period, but taking prescribed medication and adhering to your doctor’s guidance can effectively alleviate these symptoms.


The mini tummy tuck, sometimes called a mini-abdominoplasty, is a less invasive procedure than the full tummy tuck, and it is recommended for individuals with more modest concerns.

Procedure: A mini tummy tuck involves a shorter incision, usually below the belly button. The surgeon focuses on removing excess skin and fat in the lower abdomen, with minimal muscle tightening. Unlike a full tummy tuck, the belly button typically doesn’t require repositioning.

Benefits: A mini tummy tuck is a good option for those with a pooch of loose skin below the navel and minimal to no muscle separation. It offers a shorter recovery time compared to a full tummy tuck, generally 2-4 weeks.

Considerations: It’s important to understand that a mini tummy tuck won’t address concerns like stretched abdominal muscles or significant upper abdominal laxity.


So, how do you decide between a full tummy tuck and a mini tummy tuck? The best way is to schedule a consultation with our board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr Maurizio Viel, at Cornerstone Clinic, Dubai Marina. During your consultation, the surgeon will carefully assess your individual anatomy, discuss your goals, and recommend the most suitable procedure for achieving your desired results.


Some more things to take into consideration if you are thinking of undergoing either one of these procedures are:


Eligibility: These surgeries are not suitable for everyone. Ideal candidates generally have good overall health, maintain a stable weight, and have realistic expectations about the outcome. The qualified surgeon will assess all these factors to choose the most suitable surgery for you.

Safety: It is crucial to choose a board-certified plastic surgeon with extensive experience in tummy tuck procedures. Look for a surgeon who prioritises patient safety and uses advanced surgical techniques to minimise risks and ensure optimal results.

Results: Both tummy tucks and mini tummy tucks offer long-lasting improvements in the appearance of the abdomen. However, maintaining a healthy lifestyle with a balanced diet and regular exercise is crucial for maximising the longevity of your results.

We understand the transformative power of body contouring procedures. Our team is dedicated to providing you with personalised care, expert guidance, and exceptional surgical expertise. Whether you’re considering a full tummy tuck or a mini tummy tuck, we’re here to support you on your journey towards a flatter, more confident you!


To book an abdominoplasty consultation or for more information, contact us at +971 50 494 6377 to schedule an appointment with our plastic surgeon, Dr Maurizio Viel.


Dr Maurizio Viel is a licensed plastic surgeon who obtained his medical degree at the University of Milan, Italy and finished his studies in aesthetic plastic surgery in London, UK. He has been a practising plastic surgeon for over 30 years, working between Harley Street, London, Dubai, and Milan.